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How To Register

For PSD MidAtlantic 2012-04-21
At Ottobar
On 2012-04-21

Here's how to sign up for this fabulous event.

First, RSVP to the BmorePoly Poly Speed Dating event so we know you want to join us. All the details on the event are there. In the next step, when you register, the registration screen will ask you for your BmorePoly handle (username) so we'll be able to connect everything together.

Now you can register with all the details of who you're looking for, so we know what kind of people you want to date.

If you are registering as an INDIVIDUAL click here.

If you are registering as a GROUP (say, a couple or triad looking for another member) click here.

Individuals can speed-date groups, groups can date groups, individuals can date individuals. You can specify all that on the registration form.

It's a great time. Imagine 50 or 100 or more people just like you. Each round is 5-10 minutes. Here's my schedule, okay, this is round three so I need to go to table 6. Who will I meet there?

Chatting while hanging out between rounds is a great way to meet people too. All sorts of folks show up. Way fun.

Free pizza is included, and beverages are available at the bar. Meet someone you like? Buy your new friend a drink.

Admission is $9 in advance or $20 on the day of the event, to help us pay for the room and cover our other costs. You can pay by credit card or Paypal as part of the registration process. (The payment screen will be labeled MyKaroo and Bardon Data Systems.) We can also do checks, cash, or shiny seashells.

Gender Balance: this is a gender balanced event and there are only a limited number of spaces for unpartnered males who just want to date females because if the balance gets out of whack nobody will have a good time. Couples, groups, and unpartnered females, no problem, come join us, we promise to keep the ratios reasonable. The only limit is on men who register solo *and* only want to date women. Okay solo guys, if the registration screen says we are limiting registration in this way, the simplest solution is for you to ask a woman to register, then reference each other in your registrations, so the two of you can be each other's gender balance.


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More Information

To learn more about Poly Speed Dating click here.